Price Transparency

Outpatient Cash Prices

Cibola General Hospital currently offers cash pricing to patients who are not insured and/or choose not to use medical insurance to receive care at CGH. Cash pricing is a set dollar amount for a specific procedure or service and must be paid in full prior to any services being rendered. Please read the pricing disclaimer for each procedure or service. 


Payment plans are available to patients with a valid order from their physician for these services. If you are scheduled for a procedure or service under the above payment program but then you decide to have us file the claim with your insurance, the prices listed on this card do not apply. Prices are subject to change based on the complexity of the case (i.e. Admission) Other prices are available upon request such as x-ray, bone density, etc.

Cibola General Hospital is committed to being more transparent, not only about the price but the quality of care, so that patients can be more involved in and make informed decisions about their health care. 

Price Transparency

Cibola General Hospital is committed to being more transparent, not only about the price but the quality of care, so that patients can be more involved in and make informed decisions about their health care. We know that today, many individuals are uninsured and under-insured, and Cibola General Hospital recognizes that the financial aspect of your care can be overwhelming. Once you determine with your physician about the services you require, Cibola General Hospital can help you determine the price of your services.

Cibola General Hospital is here to help our community understand their health insurance enrollment options and provide application assistance. Cibola General Hospital accepts many forms of insurance.

Cibola General Hospital offers financial assistance and counselors are available to our patients who are uninsured or underinsured and have difficulty paying for care. CGH offers payment options, including payment plans and/or financial assistance for those who qualify and charity assistance.

The Open Enrollment Period for the Health Exchange is now an annual event occurring November 1- December 15 of every year.

CGH Chargemaster File 2019

CGH Chargemaster File 2019 (Machine Readable Format)

Price Transparency Rule 2021

Charity Care Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

Medicaid Enrollment

Our financial counselors are trained to assist with Medicaid applications and are available to answer your Medicaid questions. There are numerous categories of Medicaid, each with specific eligibility requirements and benefits packages.

Medicare Education

Our financial counselors also provide the education necessary to understand all of the parts of Medicare, including Part A, Part B, C, and D…


Hospitals and physicians have contracts that outline rates of reimbursement, the insurance determines the deductible and the co-pay that is applied to the claim being processed.

Many patients have annual deductibles with their insurance, these deductibles are part of your plan and must be paid before the insurance will make payment. The insurance applies the contracted rate to the claim being processed and will apply the patient liability to the patient until the deductible is met. Co-pay work much the same way, in that the insurance contract with the patient’s plan.

Some services such as emergency room visits, xray services and surgical services have multiple components which include both a facility (technical) part, this is for the use of the equipment and staff, the other part is the professional service, such as the ER physician, the radiologist to review the test and give a diagnosis and the surgeon. Most often the facility component and the profession component are billed separately and you will receive separate bills from the different providers.

There are occasions when you may have an outpatient services on the same day, but a different time, as you have a second service, for instance Lab services in the morning and Xray services in the afternoon, although these are two different distinct visits they are required to be billed on one claim to the insurances plans due to the date of service.

Each patient is unique and although two patients may have the same symptoms or diagnosis, due to the patients uniqueness treatments and therefore charges will be different. Uniqueness such as past medical history or allergies can make a change in treatments which equate to charges.

There are many reasons for insurances to deny service coverage. Depending on the reason for the denial a patient may be billed for the services. Such as the services being considered a non-covered service based on contract carve outs; other denials may be because of no authorization (which may or may not be the patient responsibility).

There are various payment options for patients that do no have insurance. The first question that CGH staff should be asking is do you want assistance applying for any state funded benefit plans that you may qualify for. We have staff trained to work with patients regarding the various plans or payment options that are available. Please ask to speak to one of our financial counselors prior to receiving services, if possible.

You can talk to any insurance broker for private insurance plans or there are Financial Counselors that can assist you with some options.

Payment arrangements are dependent on the balances and the length of time you want to extend the payments for.

Financial Counselors are available to review your bills and discuss payment options that may be available to you for financial assistance with your CGH/CFHC medical bills.