Visitor Information

Emergency Room

Visitors are limited to the primary waiting areas with the exception of one family member/friend. Visitors may be asked to leave the room when care is being provided. Children are not generally permitted in the ER rooms.

Labor & Delivery

Visitors are allowed in the labor/delivery rooms in accordance with hospital policy.


Visitors in this area are generally limited to up to two family members/friends at a time. The length of the visit depends on the patient’s condition and visitors may need to leave when care is being provided. Children must have their visits planned in advance with the nurse. Please note the ICU is closed to visitors during shift change.

Outpatient Surgery

Patients going into surgery are allowed two family visitors prior to their procedure regardless of time of day. Family remaining at the hospital during surgery should stay in the OR waiting area. Children must be supervised at all times

Limiting Visitation

If a patient chooses to limit visitors, a sign will be placed on the patient’s room door directing visitors to check in at the nurse’s station, otherwise, visitors are allowed per hospital policy. In most circumstances, children may visit in the hospital’s main visiting area and patient rooms as long as supervised by an adult.

Family Visitor Support

Friends and family play a vital role in the healing process. We encourage family members and friends to visit patients and participate in their care.