Surgical Services at Cibola General Hospital offers a robust three surgical suites which allows for major surgeries, dental, and endoscopy- for the convenience of both inpatients and outpatients. In an average year, our general surgeons perform between 800 and 850 surgeries, including many laparoscopic (using a small incision and special fiberoptic instruments) procedures. We are also fortunate to have 2 Obstetricians/Gynecologists and 3 Pediatric Dentists, and a Podiatrist on Medical staff which enable us to offer comprehensive care for the whole family.

For outpatient surgery, patients are admitted to one of five beds in the outpatient surgical area. After their surgery, they return to this same area for recovery and are then either discharged or, if circumstances dictate, admitted and transferred to one of 14 beds in the hospital’s medical-surgical area or ICU.

Our highly trained and experienced professionals are committed to patient care and comfort. Their collective goal is to make the surgical process as comfortable and as stress-free as possible. We have two Certified Nurse Anesthetists on staff to provide general and local anesthesia and pain management options such as spinal blocks and epidurals.

Cibola General Hospital works in cooperation with local pediatric dentists to treat children with special dental needs. The dentists use the hospital’s facilities for young patients that, due to age or mental disability, must be placed under general anesthesia for their dental care. Using anesthesia also allows a complete course of treatment in one visit, rather than spreading the treatments out over a period of time.

Some of the most common laparoscopic procedures performed at CGH are:

• Hernia Repair
• Appendectomy (Appendix)
• Diagnostic Laparoscopy (i.e. Abdominal or pelvic pain)
• Hysterectomy
• Ectopic pregnancy
• Laparoscopic Oophorectomy (removal of ovary)
• Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder removal)
• Tubaligation/Occlusion (Fertility control for women)
• Plantar Fasciotomy

Please make Cibola General Hospital Surgical Services your family’s choice for care.