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Fedko Emergency Physicians (Contracted ER Physicians)



Who We Are

The essence of the company was founded upon the experience of numerous clinical settings. There is a “right-way and wrong-way” of approaching emergency medicine and it begins with establishing the best possible patient experience. Having the knowledge from working as a locum-tenens, being employed by a hospital system, and part of an academic center, allows me to understand how important it is to keep physicians engaged. It is my goal to recruit and retain the best possible match of talent and location. The way we treat our resources and employees has a direct correlation on how we take care of the patients. Other organizations offer this same promise, but it turns out to be lip-service. We genuinely mean it, and it is proven by the feedback of the staff, and very little turnover. It’s one thing to say it, but it’s another thing to do it.

How We Started

The foundational frame of the company was started over challenges experienced in an actual emergency department. The push-and-pull of being a locum-tenens, the lack of process and workflow in the department, and frustration over poor patient treatment forced the actions of knowing we could do this better. Many planning sessions occurred to get this organization off the ground. It started with a belief that providing emergency medicine could be done better and we have proven it in the hard data derived from our locations.

What distinguishes us from the competition?

  • We are truly a physician lead organization. Those large national staffing firms are owned and operated by equity firms. The physicians, who originally led those organizations and worked clinically, have long since sold their shares and moved on.
  • Nobody is just a number with us. It is important to recruit and retain quality physicians. As an owner, I find it of value to work clinically alongside my peers to experience and understand the dynamics of each location.
  • No bureaucratic overhead to navigate. We don’t have layers of corporate red-tape to address any concerns. We are only one phone call away to resolution. There is 30-50% Less overhead then our competitors, which allows us to put our resources towards our employees.
  • Size does matter. Our goal is not to be able to staff every hospital in the nation. We know the quality of service is diluted the bigger you get. Our goal is to provide quality services to a manageable amount of emergency departments.

It starts at the top. How top leaders in companies behave and lead set the tone for the entire organization. Our leadership is readily available 24/7 to assist our providers, patients and hospitals. We specialize in finding medical directors that not only have impressive qualifications but are able to implement and be passionate about serving our patients and hospitals. We strongly believe in the modo “The needs of the patient comes first.”

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