Health Library

Maximize Your Time With Us

We value your time with us! To maximize your time during your appointment, we have put together our patient forms. Please print out the forms below and fill out to bring in to your first appointment. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.


Behavioral Health Services

  • Back Country Counseling
    Provides in-home counseling
    Free Consultations
    Private Pay
  • Casa San Jose
    505-285-5451/Fx 505-285-6436
    Individual/Group Therapy
    Youth & Adults
    Accepts all insurance
    Sliding scale fee
    Day care 0-12/After-school program
    Works with CYFD/Probation
    New client must call to schedule
  • Open Skies Healthcare
    423 W Santa Fe Ave, Grants, NM
    Behavioral Management Services
    Ages 3-21 (youth & young adults)
    Community Support Services/Family Wrap/Community Case Management/ILP
    Walk-in & complete intake forms
    Medicaid only
  • PMS-Grants Family Counseling
    505-876-1890/Fx 505-876-1886
    210 E Santa Fe, Ave, Grants, NM
    Hours: 8am-6pm, Mon-Fri
    Accepts Medicaid
    Ages 5 & up
    New Clients must walk-in and
    fill-out packet
  • Valle del Sol
    N 1st, Grants, NM
    Counseling Services
    Ages 4 yrs old & up
    Accepts some insurances
    New Clients intake 10am-1pm
    Bring ID & Insurance card
  • Winds of Change
    Renee Wilkins, PsyD
    505-287-0766/Fx 505-658-2398
    Text: 505-290-4551
    Accepts insurance, no Medicare
    Medication Therapy
    Individual Therapy

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